Umpiring and scoring

Anyone wishing to help out with, or learn, umpiring or scoring should contact Ned Wilsher. Please contact the Webmaster for relevant details. 

Ned runs introductory umpires and scorers courses for colts, managers, coaches, parents, and anyone else who wants to get involved.


 Ickenham colts 40 over scoresheet
 Ickenham colts 20 over scoresheet
 Ickenham colts pairs cricket scoresheet

The 20 and 40 over scoresheets are identical, except that the 20 over scoresheet has more space for the entries. So we recommend you use the 40 over scoresheet only for matches in excess of 20 overs.

The pairs scoresheet will cater for the normal 8 a side 16 over format, but has been expanded for a 10 a side 20 over match.

We recommend you print these scoresheets using a laser printer. Whilst inkjet prints are normally adequate the ink will run if it decides to rain, or someone spills a drink on it!